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A/C Maintenance Agreement

A/C Maintenance Agreement

Have Your A/C & Heating System checked and tuned-up twice a year (preparation for summer and winter) to save money and protect the environment.

How can your Maintenance Schedule Help You?

Cuts down on the costs of your utility bills.

When your system is operating efficiently, it uses less energy but if your system is not properly maintained, it can lose about 5% of its efficiency yearly. Thus, since your AC system accounts for about 70% of your home energy usage, this adds up quickly in your monthly bill.

Extends the life of your equipment and your comfort.

Regular maintenance for your system is like an annual physical at the doctor’s office. It helps you ensure all parts are healthy so that your system lives a long life. And, it ensures your system is cooling at maximum capacity on the hottest days of the year.

Prevents breakdowns.

Keeping your system running at its peak performance will reduce costly problems, especially when using your system during the hot summer months. By identifying those small problems early, you will save a lot of money on major costly repairs later.

Saves the Environment.

Your AC system requires refrigerant to keep you cool and comfortable. If that leaks into the atmosphere, it can cause damage to the Earth’s ozone layer. By keeping a healthy AC system, you can avoid contributing to that problem. Plus, you will reduce your carbon dioxide production by reducing your overall energy consumption.